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Toyota Agya Specification and Review

Toyota Agya Specification–The Toyota Agya is a city car designed by Toyota, which was developed by and manufactured by Astra Daihatsu in Indonesia. It is also marketed as the Daihatsu Ayla, but there are slight differences in the types and models. The name “Agya” is taken from Sanskrit which means “fast”.

This Toyota small car category will soon become typical vision in Indonesia with a focus on product sales of about 5000 units per month. Indonesia still continues to be a major industry for MPV car, with Toyota Avanza as the best selling products. Instruct a significant business 20% of all tourist cars marketed (about 20,000 models per month).

agya 1 Toyota Agya Specification and Review || TopRideInfo

Affordability will be the main feature to promote Agya, making use of tax smash supplied under the control of LCGC (Low Cost Green Car). Costs vary from just under  IDR 100 million ( about $10.000 USD) to IDR 120 million (about $12.000 USD) in six design variants: E, G and TRD-S, each with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic ‘box.

The power sources  from Toyota Agya is coming from a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that produces 65 hp at 6,000 rpm and 87 Nm at 3,600 rpm rotate. Toyota says that the average fuel consumption is 21km per liter, aided by its 740 kg curb weight.

As Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) plan requires the use of certain titles Indonesia, good design brings a Sanskrit-derived monikers. If you have previously mentioned that the ‘Agya’ means ‘quick’, while l ‘Ayla’ means ‘light’ in the conventional terminology. By looking at these results, Daihatsu appears to be more advanced than its parent company.

agya 2 Toyota Agya Specification and Review || TopRideInfo

The Benefits/Advantages of Toyota Agya Specification

  • For the first benefits is with regards of its cheap price . Toyota Agya this is one of the vehicles that drop into the type of car Low Cost and Natural Car ( LCGC ) . Well then of course it is to problem price is much less expensive when in contrast to the price of other vehicles seemed like Xenia and Avanza is the only price around USD 100 to USD 120 thousand only when the price of the first launch .
  • Go into the innovative external style area . Probably it has cheap price, but the form or style of the design and also innovative. Toyota Agya form is arguably quite exciting to look  and has no effect at all that if the car is actually cheap . Cheap does not mean low standard.
  • For the chair of Toyota’s car has a passenger potential is quite a lot that can provide up to 5 passenger .
  • Effective energy . Did you know that this car has been using a device with a potential of about 999 cc of course energy intake for this car is quite cost-effective , supposition 1 litre of energy could be used for a range of about 30 km ( in normal usage).
  • Spare part that can bought anywhere . As we know that Toyota is one of the car producers are quite huge and are also marketed in Indonesia , traders distribute across all areas in Indonesia , so you will not be hard to discover spares .
  • The machine positions is at the front side , it can certainly reduce the threat when the impact happened later .

Weak/Disadvantages points of Toyota Agya Specification

  • In terms of body weight, Toyota Agya specification car is quite mild, due to the vacant body weight of this car is only 746 kg. Due to the light-weight of this car will create a little less relaxed when generating at great rates of speed. Which can cause the car if enforced will experience unreliable or unsteady, especially when moving huge automobiles such as automobiles or automobiles.
  • Machine capacity is just 999 cc is still relatively small, because of the energy that can be produced by a device with that much capacity is only 65 ps. When in compare to the Honda Jazz which can produce energy of 120 ps
  • Speeding (traction) on a Toyota Agya is quite slow. And to achieve rates of speed of 100 km / h, it only requires about 14 seconds.

This is the Toyota Agya Specification :

• length: 3580 mm

• width: 1600 mm

• Height: 1510 mm

• wheelbase: 2730 mm

• empty weight: 746 kg

• round steering radius: 4.4 m

• Engine capacity: 999 cc (1 liter) DOHC fuel injection

• engine power: 65 HP at 6000 rpm

• engine torque: 85 Nm at 3600 rpm

• the number of engine cylinders: 3

• the number of engine valve: 12

• diameters x stroke: 72 x 81 mm

• Tire drive: front tire (like sedans in general)

• Security system: SRS airbags

• Tire size: 175/65-R14

• Wheels: 6-spoke alloy wheel size 175/65 R14

• Rear view: electric (except variant E)

• Other features: air conditioning, power windows + central door lock, power steering

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